Building the friendship with Seun Kuti & crossing the generational divide in Nigeria.

In this last extract from the Lagos Book Launch I respond to a question about how the somewhat surprising relationship between a middle aged white man and the activist son of Fela Kuti came to be.

All of these extracts and, indeed, a full two hour complete version of the Lagos launch are available via the same links to my You Tube channel.  I think that’s enough about that Launch but what an incredible experience it was.  i am still speechless with gratitude for the honour of having Professor Wole Soyinka give the review and speak kindly of the book.  My final thanks to Kate, Kadaria and everyone who helped at the Launch, not forgetting Bankole and the team at Bookcraft of course and finally all of those who came to support.

I have also done two launches / readings in London now.  Thanks to all those that attended those sessions.  I will probably do another one at Nky’s Pitanga Restaurant in West Kensington.  The event last Friday ended with well over an hour of lively discussion so we thought it would be fun to do another if there was enough interest.  if you would like to register your interest by email or in the comments section we can let you know when we have firm arrangements.  Finally I have dropped a few pictures, courtesy of Prince Gbenga, of the Pitanga event just to give a flavour of the experience.

Nky busy at work in Pitanga’s open kitchen


Cusomers in conversation at Pitanga

Listening to the Reading

More satisfied customers and Pitanga conversation.

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