Never Quite An Insider.
A Nigerian memoir.

Twenty years of running multiple businesses in Nigeria qualifies me to write an instructive memoir. Indeed, having blown the whistle on corruption in one multi-national, faced two years of threats and intimidation in the ‘wild east’ of Aba and then sought to change the course of one of Nigeria’s highest profile corporates, I believe I have insights that have value. Throw in some humour and a willingness to tackle controversial subjects and I present you with an unusual account of this misunderstood society and my love affair with it.

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Plundered History. Stolen Culture (part two)     Seeking The Truth

Plundered History. Stolen Culture (part two) Seeking The Truth

The second part of this blog exploring my post-covid reading comes out on International Museum Day. My recommended books question how the narrative around artifacts, publically displayed or hidden in private collections, needs to be rewritten to reflect the violent colonial looting that enabled the creation of western museums.

I am Reading Again ! Plundered History.  Stolen Culture. (Part One.)

I am Reading Again ! Plundered History. Stolen Culture. (Part One.)

Inspired by a burst of post-Covid reading here are three books that have challenged me to consider cultural & religious items plundered during colonial & other conflicts but now gathering dust unseen in Museums & Galleries. The British Museum can only put some one percent of their items on display at any one time. Some artifacts, their loss still mourned by indigenous cultures, are still being sold immorally to wealthy collectors at public auction.

“MeRadio” Live. Shut Up & Listen.

“MeRadio” Live. Shut Up & Listen.

Feel free to call into Keith’s new radio Phone in programme where he has an extensive range of guests who he agrees with. In line with current industry practice this programme is designed to reinforce your prejudices at the expense of anyone else’s prejudices. (Err, I think that’s how it works?)


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Keith Richards

A book. A Column, Another book. A blog. There is too much racism, injustice, environmental damage, hypocrisy and the like out there to stay silent. So I am not going to. Because I can – and I care enough to want to.

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My book

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Outsider Inside.

Having harboured a desire to write for half a lifetime, BusinessDay gave me the opportunity with a weekly column. In 2007 these comments on Nigerian business, politics and society were collected and published. Many of them are as relevant to day as they were then.

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