Never Quite An Insider.
A Nigerian memoir.

Twenty years of running multiple businesses in Nigeria qualifies me to write an instructive memoir. Indeed, having blown the whistle on corruption in one multi-national, faced two years of threats and intimidation in the ‘wild east’ of Aba and then sought to change the course of one of Nigeria’s highest profile corporates, I believe I have insights that have value. Throw in some humour and a willingness to tackle controversial subjects and I present you with an unusual account of this misunderstood society and my love affair with it.

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A Year Confined – Deja Vu and back again

A Year Confined – Deja Vu and back again

One year on – the same but different? My first Covid post one year ago exactly.
Ravenscourt Park Wildlife as part of my coping mechanism and a little Otis to capture my mood.

From Chiswick Re-Confined to Kano Re-Imagined

From Chiswick Re-Confined to Kano Re-Imagined

What is a local girl? Umaimah Damakka is a local girl from Kano making good in a way that allows her to remember and respect her roots while proving that strong modern women can emerge out of traditional cultures.


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Keith Richards

A book. A Column, Another book. A blog. There is too much racism, injustice, environmental damage, hypocrisy and the like out there to stay silent. So I am not going to. Because I can – and I care enough to want to.

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My book

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Outsider Inside.

Having harboured a desire to write for half a lifetime, BusinessDay gave me the opportunity with a weekly column. In 2007 these comments on Nigerian business, politics and society were collected and published. Many of them are as relevant to day as they were then.

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