“People don’t understand when we talk about corruption …… No! It’s been one whole life struggle” Prof Wole Soyinka.

Continuing with a selection of clips from the launch of “NQTI” in Lagos. In this first one Prof is pushed by Kadaria to compare his experiences with my comments in the book. As always he speaks openly and directly.  Kadaria then turns her attention on me!


Immediately after this Kadaria invited questions from the floor and prominent businessman Yinka Akingkugbe asked whether, in my experience, the problem was the overall ‘environment’ or was with individuals and what did I do about it?


I was delighted with the quality and the directness of the questions.  I am hoping we will experience this when we have a Reading & Discussion at Pitanga, my friend Nky’s wonderful Nigerian fusion restaurant on North End Road in West Kensington at 6.30 Friday 17th of January. Please mail or comment below to book a space.

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