Stay. Don’t Go

I have written in these blogs about how the developing sense of community in the apartment block where I live, The Power House, has been a lifesaver during the Covid pandemic. Most of the residents have joined into support each other and gone from ‘good morning’ neighbours to genuine friends. There is a recognition this helped all of us in some way during the tightest periods of Lock Down.

One of our community Lloyd Garrett, who with his partner Fi were out there with all of us banging saucepans for the NHS, has collaborated with a friend of his to release a single today in support of the NHS with a particular reference to the stress and pressure on mental well-being suffered by NHS staff and front-line workers.

Lee Henry, a Surrey based singer/songwriter/producer and music teacher has been doing on-line gigs for NHS staff and today releases the track “Stay. Don’t Go.” with all proceeds going to NHS and MIND Charities. He was inspired as he learnt of the suicide risks associated with the mental health pressure on Covid related workers and the lack of meaningful recognition in terms of salary and benefits from the government. Having written and produced the song Abbey Road Studios mastered it free of charge in support of this cause.

There is an online gig this evening and the track is available on the usual platforms so do check it out and remember that all proceeds go to supporting those people who supported us beyond the call of duty.



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