Why I was told never to drink the coffee in Guinness Nigeria: the poisoning saga. Extracts from the Lagos launch of NQTI

At the TerraCulture launch event in Lagos I was very fortunate that Kadaria Ahmed sent a Daria Media camera team led by Seun Adeleye and then my son Tom Richards was able to edit the footage.  So, many thanks to them all.

One of the pleasures of the Launches in both Lagos and London was the interaction with the audience.  There were some open and challenging questions about topics such as race, colonization and the generation gap in Nigeria.  Tom has managed to create several edits that cover specific topics and i will post these over the next few days.

The first one begins with my reading of the early part of the book that covers my first trips to Nigeria as a member of the Guinness board.  I tried to open up a few of the issues that were controversial at the time and this was certainly one of them.  Immediately after Kadaria followed up with questions to Prof about Corruption and the issue of Identity Theft and Fake News that he feels strongly about.  it makes for interesting listening.




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